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Engaging  in our Strategic Programs
Over the years, we have developed core expertise in certain areas and  are engaged with strategic partners and welcome new ones to join our mission. You could work with us as a partner organization or as an individual professional and help us to further one of the following strategic programs. You could be involved in various ways from being an expert in your industry or simply want to contribute  in some way to help us solve these challenges. Please use the contact  form to reach out to the founder, Sunish Gupta.


Working with US and international bodies that are Accrediting Engineering Programs to ensure accessibility is part of their academic programs' assessment criteria and includes diversity and inclusion initiatives. We want to focus on ensuring that accessible design, development of all products (software and hardware (has accessible or inclusive design part of the complete development cycle. This way, accessibility will never be an after-thought. Thus, accessibility becomes part of the routine workflow and skills of the graduating engineers and managers. Sunish Gupta, founder of Easy Alliance, has developed novel graduate and undergraduate courses as well as workshops at Northeastern, Tufts and MIT.
We will be partnering with some of the leading engineering ACCREDITATION
and ASSESSMENT agencies worldwide to create assessment criteria for accessibility and inclusivity in their programs. We have evaluated the core requirements for the content and also created key metrics and OKR's for the course topics and can consult an institution to develop custom programs based upon their expert areas in order to meet assessment criteria.


Craft strategies to make emerging AR/VR technologies accessible to people with disabilities.
What if your grandmother who has multiple physical limitations can use the Oculus headset, and play AR games with you? Yes, it is possible and in fact we at Easy Alliance have developed core methods to evaluate and infuse accessibility into AR/VR products. We have won multiple awards at Hackathons. We are working the IEEE Consumer Technology Association and AR VR associations to develop coherent standards to ensure accessibility is built-in and follows certain protocols and guidelines that aid designers easy to design and evaluate for accessibility. We believe that designing for accessibility should not be rocket science anymore.


A set of next generation standards to measure accessible user experience for seniors and consumers with all types of disabilities. We are working closely with the world's leading standards organization, IEEE Standards Association to develop the next generation of standards to evaluate accessibility of products (consumer, digital and software). This will guide developers, manufacturers, marketers, procurement agencies speak the common language that is user centric. Of course, WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) are there, but they do not directly correlate  that the user with special needs using assistive technology will be able to accomplish the task with confidence, satisfaction and competently. The founder of Easy Alliance, Sunish Gupta, which has developed a novel standard called AXMax (Accessibility eXperience MAXimized) that measures the user experience by each of the eight groups of users.


Creating Role-based training in accessibility for technology and product managers and professionals. Easy Alliance has created custom training programs for product managers, UX designers, developers and front-end engineers. These have been very successful at Amazon, and they primarily focus on how they can integrate the comprehensively developed best practices and tactics into their unique roles. The key objective is to ensure that these best practices sustain, scale and are robust. This means, the accessibility can sustain in the team and organization despite attrition, changes in technology. The accessibility program can scale as the product portfolio, or the organization grows. And the accessibility is robustly implemented and can withstand changes in assistive technology ecosystem and standards or regulations., We believe that every product and service can be designed for accessibility from the beginning - and is available for use by people with disabilities at product launch. We have helped introduce the concept ''born-accessible' and spread its true meaning at Fortune 500 high-tech companies.

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