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Accessibility to Technology for All

Join us in solving some of the most complex and enduring challenges in the accessibility ecosystem. Feel gratified and have fun too!

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We are engaged with strategic partners and professionals in the digital accessibility industry to solve some systemic challenges that include:
1. Working with US and international academic accredidating agencies to ensure accessibility is part of their qualifiers.
2. Standards and Metrics for accessibility.We are partnering with the largest engineering professional association to create next generation standards to measure accessible user experience for seniors and consumers with all types of disabilities. 
3. Creating Role-based training in accessibility for targetted technology managers and professionals.
4. Craft strategies to make emerging AR/VR technologies accessible to people
with disabilities.

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It is Easy Alliance's goal to allow for accessibility features to be present in all mainstream technology. The field of technology needs to be inclusive of all.

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Easy Alliance's roots originated at MIT when a few passionate graduate students came together to solve systemic challenges in digital accessibility. For most of 2010's, the founder of Easy Alliance aided the strategic transformation of digital accessibility at IBM, Microsoft and Amazon. We were focused on how to infuse digital accessibility. Today Easy Alliance is engaged in solving complex challenges that involves collaborative partnership between academia, industry and non-profits that results in lasting impact.
We believe that power of mainstream technologies is not being fully used to benefit people of disabilities. At the same time assistive technologies are not being widely utilized across mainstream technologies.

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“Easy Alliance helped us pinpoint the accessibility gaps very systematically that helped us prioritize and refine our accessibility roadmap.”

Robert Sinclair, Chief Accessibility Officer, Microsoft

“The recommendations have helped me locate accessibility gaps and as the AxMax score got better, the enthusiasm for our content creators, curriculum designers and developers has been building. It was like playing a video game, not just locating and squashing QA bugs."

Mary Ziegler, Manager, Accessibility Programs, MIT Professional Education

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